Blasco says he is not a guarantor of grant money and denies friendship or business with Tauroni

The exconseller of Solidarity and Citizenship and Deputy Not Assigned to the Corts, Rafael Blasco, has stated in his statement during the trial for the first piece of the ‘Cooperation case’ that is not the guarantor of the money of the grants granted by the defunct Conselleria to different NGOs, while denying having maintained a relationship of friendship or trust with the alleged leader of the plot, Augusto César Tauroni. He has also indicated that he has not had or has any business with him, neither in the United States nor in Spain “or anywhere in the world.”

Blasco, who faces 14 years in prison for an alleged crime of misappropriation of public funds, prevarication, influence peddling and document forgery, has been giving evidence in the Valencian court for about six hours, in which he has decided answer all parties except the Law of the Generalitat. The most tense moment of the hearing has been the questions raised by the popular accusation, exercised by Antonio Penadés, who has forced the president of the court to intervene on four occasions to redirect the interrogation.

Throughout his statement, Blasco has tried to deny all the accusations made by the public prosecutor’s office and has had to give explanations about different telephone interventions and mails intervened mainly to Tauroni. In them, he called the ‘boss’, and when asked about this term, Blasco, who has clarified that he does not know how to send e-mails, said: “could have said deputy chief, superior or world boss.”

Regarding Tauroni, he has denied any relationship “of trust or friendship” with the businessman, whom he has known for 12, 13 or 14 years, and has assured that “never” has been in his house nor has he eaten with him , despite what the fiscal ministry maintains. He has also indicated that the relationship was “more frequent” when the ‘Cooperation case’ was uncovered in the press. He also clarified that he did not know that Tauroni had the companies Arcmed or Dinamize, among others. “I never talked to him about this type of company, they start to sound to me from the media,” he said.

It did not intervene “at all”

Another extensive part of the interrogation has been devoted to the processing and adjudication of two projects in Nicaragua to the Cyes Foundation. On this subject, Blasco, who was also a popular deputy in the Corts, has insisted that he did not intervene “at all” in the adjudication of the competitions or fell within their powers, so he did not care about them either.

Thus, he repeated on several occasions that his “only” intervention in the piece of Cyes was “exclusively” to endorse the proposal the technical assessment committee, transfer the information to the Valencian Government, which “gave the go-ahead”, pass the control of the Intervention and of the Law of the Generalitat and publish it in the DOCV. On the subsidies investigated – he said – “no NGO presented any recourse.”

“I do not process any file, neither I nor any conseller.” No conseller is aware of any file, because that’s what the organizational structure is for, “he insisted. Likewise, he has even said that before he arrived at the Conselleria, the aids were granted “a finger” and without public participation.

Asked about the meeting he had with the technicians on July 31, 2008 to see why the processing of the files to the Cyes Foundation had been paralyzed, he denied that he put pressure on anyone, and explained that he summoned the workers to solve the problem. problem, “and not by personal decision, but because the Valencian Government gave some guidelines on the deadline for the processing of subsidies.” In this meeting, a person told him that he did not agree because the foundation lacked previous experience.

He said that after the meeting they gave him the signed document to process the aid, and he affirmed that he did not see “any problem”, since he was “the same” as the Cyes Foundation or not. Blasco has acknowledged that he told the technicians that he was going to review the files they had made but not to threaten them, but because he wanted to learn the process of them, “and with no recrimination,” he said.

“never” wanted to favor anyone

Blasco, who has also defended that “never” has crossed his mind to try to favor “anyone,” he added that he did not know about the purchase of homes with aid to the Cyes Foundation until he saw the information published in the press in October 2010. “What interest do I have that a foundation allocates the funds to other things that were incardinated?”, Blasco asked himself.

After hearing about this issue by the press, which he described as an “attack on the honor” to the Ministry, he contacted the Attorney Generalitat to present a demand and exposed the files to both political groups and the press . He also indicated that he asked that the files be ordered because it was a “moral obligation”.

On this point, interpellated by a certificate signed by the excargo of Solidarity Alexandre Catalá, in which it is dated July despite having been prepared in October, has indicated that he insisted to Catalá that the files be presented “with chronological order and that was understandable. ” He has indicated that he does not remember having given him any instructions on the dates or on the invoices that should appear as admitted and excluded by the foundation. Thus, he has denied any type of documentary falsification.

Finally, he denied having obtained any kind of direct or indirect benefit with the aid granted to the Cyes Foundation, as well as having had business with Tauroni: “I have always lived on my salary as an official or the one that corresponded to me in politics, and it appears in the declarations of my patrimony, which are public. “

Blasco, who has also denied having made a trip with Tauroni to Miami or “nowhere”, has defended the legality in the advance of part of the payment of subsidies -something that is done in other autonomies, he said- and to conclude his intervention has apologized for any of its manifestations have been able to hurt the susceptibility of someone.