Blasco says he is not a guarantor of grant money and denies friendship or business with Tauroni

The exconseller of Solidarity and Citizenship and Deputy Not Assigned to the Corts, Rafael Blasco, has stated in his statement during the trial for the first piece of the ‘Cooperation case’ that is not the guarantor of the money of the grants granted by the defunct Conselleria to different NGOs, while denying having maintained a relationship of friendship or trust with the alleged leader of the plot, Augusto César Tauroni. He has also indicated that he has not had or has any business with him, neither in the United States nor in Spain “or anywhere in the world.”

Blasco, who faces 14 years in prison for an alleged crime of misappropriation of public funds, prevarication, influence peddling and document forgery, has been giving evidence in the Valencian court for about six hours, in which he has decided answer all parties except the Law of the Generalitat. The most tense moment of the hearing has been the questions raised by the popular accusation, exercised by Antonio Penadés, who has forced the president of the court to intervene on four occasions to redirect the interrogation.

Throughout his statement, Blasco has tried to deny all the accusations made by the public prosecutor’s office and has had to give explanations about different telephone interventions and mails intervened mainly to Tauroni. In them, he called the ‘boss’, and when asked about this term, Blasco, who has clarified that he does not know how to send e-mails, said: “could have said deputy chief, superior or world boss.”

Regarding Tauroni, he has denied any relationship “of trust or friendship” with the businessman, whom he has known for 12, 13 or 14 years, and has assured that “never” has been in his house nor has he eaten with him , despite what the fiscal ministry maintains. He has also indicated that the relationship was “more frequent” when the ‘Cooperation case’ was uncovered in the press. He also clarified that he did not know that Tauroni had the companies Arcmed or Dinamize, among others. “I never talked to him about this type of company, they start to sound to me from the media,” he said.

It did not intervene “at all”

Another extensive part of the interrogation has been devoted to the processing and adjudication of two projects in Nicaragua to the Cyes Foundation. On this subject, Blasco, who was also a popular deputy in the Corts, has insisted that he did not intervene “at all” in the adjudication of the competitions or fell within their powers, so he did not care about them either.

Thus, he repeated on several occasions that his “only” intervention in the piece of Cyes was “exclusively” to endorse the proposal the technical assessment committee, transfer the information to the Valencian Government, which “gave the go-ahead”, pass the control of the Intervention and of the Law of the Generalitat and publish it in the DOCV. On the subsidies investigated – he said – “no NGO presented any recourse.”

“I do not process any file, neither I nor any conseller.” No conseller is aware of any file, because that’s what the organizational structure is for, “he insisted. Likewise, he has even said that before he arrived at the Conselleria, the aids were granted “a finger” and without public participation.

Asked about the meeting he had with the technicians on July 31, 2008 to see why the processing of the files to the Cyes Foundation had been paralyzed, he denied that he put pressure on anyone, and explained that he summoned the workers to solve the problem. problem, “and not by personal decision, but because the Valencian Government gave some guidelines on the deadline for the processing of subsidies.” In this meeting, a person told him that he did not agree because the foundation lacked previous experience.

He said that after the meeting they gave him the signed document to process the aid, and he affirmed that he did not see “any problem”, since he was “the same” as the Cyes Foundation or not. Blasco has acknowledged that he told the technicians that he was going to review the files they had made but not to threaten them, but because he wanted to learn the process of them, “and with no recrimination,” he said.

“never” wanted to favor anyone

Blasco, who has also defended that “never” has crossed his mind to try to favor “anyone,” he added that he did not know about the purchase of homes with aid to the Cyes Foundation until he saw the information published in the press in October 2010. “What interest do I have that a foundation allocates the funds to other things that were incardinated?”, Blasco asked himself.

After hearing about this issue by the press, which he described as an “attack on the honor” to the Ministry, he contacted the Attorney Generalitat to present a demand and exposed the files to both political groups and the press . He also indicated that he asked that the files be ordered because it was a “moral obligation”.

On this point, interpellated by a certificate signed by the excargo of Solidarity Alexandre Catalá, in which it is dated July despite having been prepared in October, has indicated that he insisted to Catalá that the files be presented “with chronological order and that was understandable. ” He has indicated that he does not remember having given him any instructions on the dates or on the invoices that should appear as admitted and excluded by the foundation. Thus, he has denied any type of documentary falsification.

Finally, he denied having obtained any kind of direct or indirect benefit with the aid granted to the Cyes Foundation, as well as having had business with Tauroni: “I have always lived on my salary as an official or the one that corresponded to me in politics, and it appears in the declarations of my patrimony, which are public. “

Blasco, who has also denied having made a trip with Tauroni to Miami or “nowhere”, has defended the legality in the advance of part of the payment of subsidies -something that is done in other autonomies, he said- and to conclude his intervention has apologized for any of its manifestations have been able to hurt the susceptibility of someone.

The Government approves the mortgage reform project

The Government approved this Friday the Council of Ministers Bill Real Estate Credit, which states that banks can not determine the early maturity of a mortgage until the default by the consumer assumes 2% of the loan, including interest, or reach nine installments during the first half of the contract.

As for the second half of the contract, the limit is set at 4% of the loan or twelve monthly payments. In this way, the Government establishes a threshold from which the bank can decree the early expiration of a loan and execute the mortgage since with the current system it is possible to overcome the loan early from the third month of default.

As reported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and competitiveness in a statement, the rule has a “broad political consensus” and from now on the parliamentary process for approval begins. Specifically, the Government has agreed on the bill with Citizens, the PNV and the Canarian groups (CoaliciĆ³n Canaria and Nueva Canarias).

“Formally we have no consensus with the PSOE, but we are open, in the process of processing, to the contributions they could make,” said the Minister of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

This rule should have been approved before March 2016, as established by the European authorities, but has been delayed by the situation of the government in last year’s functions and tensions with Catalonia, explained the head of the Executive’s economic portfolio.

The draft of the new mortgage law also establishes

that the default interest will be, at most, three times the legal interest of the money in force throughout the period in which they are due and will be applied to the outstanding principal.

In addition, the bill aims to facilitate the conversion of the mortgage loan in foreign currency to another currency, as well as the change of mortgage loan with variable interest to fixed interest. In this last case, the maximum commission for early repayment for a novation or change of entity in which a fixed rate is agreed will be 0.25% in the first three years and thereafter it will disappear.

On the other hand, in the case of mortgages at a variable rate, the commission for early repayment will be zero as of the fifth or third year of the contrary, depending on the agreement. In the case that it is five years, the limit will be 0.25% of the capital paid in advance, while if it is agreed for three years, it will be limited to 0.5%.

As for fixed-rate loans, the early repayment fee will be 4% maximum in the first ten years and 3% thereafter. Thus, it is considered that the risk is greater for the bank in the case of a fixed rate loan than in the case of a variable rate loan.

The percentage of the commission for early repayment will always be applied to the amortized capital, as explained by Ministry sources at the time of presentation of the bill and clarified that, in any case, the compensation to the entity may not exceed its financial loss.

On the other hand, the standard includes the possibility for both parties to voluntarily adhere to a standard contract in which the fundamental clauses of the contract are established. This reform applies to all natural persons, that is, those who carry out business activities, such as the self-employed, are included.

The new norm will demand that the intervenors in the granting of a mortgage credit have a professionalization and a training to offer all the information required to the consumer and evaluate their solvency situation while prohibiting the banks from offering incentives to their workers for the granting of a certain number of contracts.

Thus, “the solvency of the debtor is sought and that is more quality than the number of mortgages sold”, explained the minister, referring to the “problems” of 15 years ago with the granting of mortgages, many of which ” They ended up in an eviction situation. ”


On the other hand, it is prohibited to offer the linked sale of products with mortgages, as in the case of home insurance, except for exceptions authorized by the Bank of Spain or if it is proven that they benefit the consumer. That is, operations in which it is only possible to contract the mortgage loan if it is done together with a series of products are not allowed.

However, combined sales are allowed, which are those in which the consumer has the option to contract the mortgage loan separately or with a set of products. In this case, the entity is obliged to submit two budgets, one that includes the products that are marketed with the mortgage and another without them.


In addition, when signing a mortgage loan, the consumer must receive seven days in advance of the date of signature of the contract by the bank not only a standardized information sheet with the main characteristics of the contract, but also another Standardized with warnings in which sensitive clauses are included, such as floor clauses.

This file should include estimates with different scenarios of variable interest rates, a copy of the contract and disaggregated information on which part should pay each mortgage expense. The rule does not establish to whom each expense corresponds, but both parties must agree to it.

In these seven days, the consumer must go to the notary of his choice, who will verify that he has been given all the mandatory information and that has been done in time while answering all the questions he asks and will explain the sensitive clauses of the contract. The borrower must sign a notarial deed, which will be free for the borrower, in which he shows that he knows all the necessary information.

Later, the consumer will go with the bank to sign the contract before a notary and both the registrar and the registrar can not authorize the signing of the deed if all the obligations are not fulfilled or if the contract has clauses considered abusive by final judgments.

How A Great Software Consultant Can Help Your Company

Obtaining loans is more laborious than ever with so many people’s credit score being poor. Secure financial loans, like auto title loans, are becoming more attractive to those along with poor or no credit. Look at all your options. One lender’s denial does not mean you cannot method a different bank. Be prepared along with any information needed to apply for a mortgage and be ready to pay it back based on the terms in the signed files. Any type of lender will do the actual have to do to retrieve their own money.

As a small business owner, you are going to spend a lot of time being both a worker and a manager. You will have to assist customers, stock shelves plus clean the toilets when need be. On the other hand, you have to be accountable for keeping track of invoices, payroll as well as other administrative tasks. Therefore, making use of payroll software can have lots of benefits to your business.

What small business idea requires your fancy? Whatever it really is, I suggest you consider writing a company plan so you can figure out where you stand going & the best way to make it happen. Depending on your type of company you may need some server software for small business. A lot of businesses can be started in an extra bedroom, a spare corner or use the kitchen table with very little cash and. You can use the family PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Cold Hard Cash # 3: Customer Service. Webmasters frequently wear many hats whenever running their online businesses, whether it is hobby sites for revenue, or selling general items. And, one of the things they need a great deal help with is service management software. This is how you can cash in and start producing extra income by helping to maintain customers satisfied and buying a lot more.

There are a couple of key ingredients that one should seek out beyond the bells and whistles functions. They are components that many people will not even consider when deciding on a software package.

So what may a Supervisor do? Probably the Supervisor works within an Office, or maybe their the Manufacturing Supervisor, or maybe their own a field service management Technician. The what they do and the experience they have accumulated that holds the critical thing to their future.

While the European economy is usually more significant, the US economy much more vibrant at the sunrise advantage. It is just more entrepreneurial and therefore capable (IMHO) of quicker revival. We should expect the particular slump will be more profound in America (because that’s where the failure in values came from plus where it’s most profound), yet once it fires it can generate more momentum that will Europe is capable of.

Universal Courses – Ok, it’s on the internet, it’s modern, it will inform you what you need to know and I just found it researching this informative article. And it’s only 85 dollars, some reading required and you also could do the course function if you wanted. But hello it’s video. This, I believe, is the epitome of an online bookkeeping course. This one really will get at the heart and soul associated with accounting.

Best On-Line Banking Services From Freedom National Bank

I have been using the North Fork bank since it took over Home Government many years ago. I have cherished being a valued customer inside my local North Fork Financial institution branch. All of the bank associates have always been extremely helpful plus my service was always more than satisfactory. When I heard of the Capital One take over I actually panicked. Would I like Funds One? I don’t know something about this banking cooperation. I merely know that they are huge plus growing by the minute.

So prepare yourself well before going in for payday loans consolidation companies. See what they are offering as payday loan consolidation program and select the best one. Your future will be much brighter after that.

“I’m always traveling. ” If you want to be able to pay out your bills, withdraw cash and check your balances wherever you are, online banking meets your requirements. Choose between internet-only accounts with ATM fee discounts or a large traditional financial institution which has branches and CREDIT machines all over the world, offers on the internet banking and may even provide a smartphone app to do mobile bank services.

Robbery of identity: Your account could be compromised even if nothing is taken from it. Hackers can rob personal information like Social security number plus identify essential data. This particular data can be used while developing new accounts or may hack into other balances.

Why are some people scared to pay their bills online? That is simple to answer, exactly what with all the news hype regarding identity theft and people acquiring your credit card numbers intended for illegal use. No wonder a few of the elderly are afraid to use the internet banking. How can we persuade them that this form of financing is safe? Banks will need to supply more education of the online banking services and the security that each Financial institution provides. Now that will be tough in light of the news reviews that local hospitals, as well as the Military, has regrettably not kept social protection numbers safe from will be thieves.

Always have money in your own savings account in case of an emergency. One more incentive list of banking services saving money is that you just can put away for an exclusive gift for yourself, like a vacation.

There are various types of easily accessible resources that you can consider for finding an excellent flight and hotel. Internet sites are the best way that you can obtain the latest information because it is going to be updated regularly with the most recent information. Search for airlines within your country and collect the critical points of various companies. When searching for resorts, search along with the name from the place at which you need the particular hotel. Make a list of the trip services and hotels individually for further processing.

Industrial establishments now use cellular banking coupons to promote goods and services. Target clients receive an SMS or even MMS of the offered item. To avail the provide, you will need to pay via cellular banking.

Online Payday Loan: Applying For Payday Loans Online In An Simple Way

Quick loan products are ideal for small money amounts ranging from $265.21 to $1500. Because these are small amounts so that they are secure too. You don’t need to go through hard and undesirable techniques for them. No need to offer huge confidential info, nothing to do together with time-consuming documentation. Therefore, you can get your breaks without any tension and even fear!

A payday loan also known as a new cash advance is an initial loan that is designed to help you handle economic trouble in between paydays. One can either sign up for such loans on the payday loan shops or by selecting an internet lender. Online payday lenders could be the most convenient option of both as they offer complete privacy and include no hassles.

Under these faxes direct lender payday loans, one may accomplish to obtain a little bit of credit that amounts from $100 to $1500. And it is as well given repayment period as 14-31 times. Thus, you have flexible to repay a personal loan on the next short term. The most advantage of these types of loans is that individuals will easily find direct loans without the faxing or custom.

The online cash loans direct lenders are usually proved to be very aiding since you can never foresee each time a situation could arise plus force you into monetary crises. You will find a way that will by getting in touch with too great loaners you can solve your personal troubles and get cash immediately within minutes. These kinds of cash loan can save you in the awkwardness plus the inconvenience of going over and also in banks plus complete the verifications tests. In case you are getting some things to be watchful about with spend investigations then credit from a buddy or even bank is not the last option only. Find the cash you require coming from payday loan companies.

It is hard to predict precise power expenses. Depending on the month and where you live, these types of costs will climb and drop while using seasons. If you use the surroundings conditioner to conquer heat you can expect typically the electrical costs to be able to skyrocket. Then again, for those people who live in the particular north states, they could dread the winter season oil bill. Does one make use of water to take care of yard green or even promote a productive garden? Your summer water bill may develop its very own disproportion within your budget. If you don’t plan ahead for enhances now and then, you may turn out filling out a good online cash advances direct lenders loan application to make obligations.

This is when you take those loan terms. In most cases, the loan quantity that you need may be a lot of to be accepted from loan and the payday loan lender will inform you to publish another program.

There is no query behind that one. Benefit interest will go up the amount owed toward a payday loan quickly. The following debt in line will be the credit cards. Line, all of them, up and accept one at a time. Some people indicate that you attack the with the highest harmony or most top curiosity. There is a way to harm the smallest balance which will seem like a satisfying way to approach financial debt. It is always better after you feel good about achieving something. Ultimately it truly is up to you to make the decision depending on your situation.

Zero guarantor: a job, bank account and proof of identity are often all you need. Quite a few companies even demand a long work historical past – one month at the current job could be all you need. You’re not had to show a guarantor.

12-15 Suggestions To Keep Payday Advance Lenders From Filling Up Your Gas Tank

Another significant advantage of this type of loan could be the simplicity of entry. If you are looking for a conventional loan or credit line is going to be weighted based on a lengthy program procedure. It may also be more when compared to a few days accepted for your loan.

The application for the short-term loan is good for a one-time mortgage transferred into the savings account, and the borrower can perform what thy remember to with it. States possess regulated how many payday loans a person can get at a single time. Often, there will be loan providers that have their restrictions as well. The full compensation required in a few quick weeks is already will be a burden to the spending budget. When there are plan these short-term loan products out at once, the danger is elevated for that lender.

How online payday lenders overcome this problem? Lastly, when approved, whenever can expect their cash to connect with you? The majority of online banks controlled in the methods of profit one night, to expect to receive their finances the next business day, presented they apply ahead of the 4 pm AIN. Funds are usually wire through direct down payment (this is a benefit if you have a looking at an account) or fast cash transfers, such as MoneyGram. History has established WHEDA Wisconsin legislature developed by Wisconsin Housing in addition to Economic Development Expert (WHEDA) 1972, mostly to meet the need of inexpensive housing for low-and-moderate-income residents.

A lender’s reputation should always be checked out as well. Always visit institutions that have a higher satisfaction rate. Usually, do some research on the payday loans that you plan to handle.

Cash loan payday loans if it is due, on your following payday. The payday loan period may be prolonged, yet you’ll have to pay out new curiosity plus finance fees. Besides, if you do not repay the particular mortgage with your next paycheck, the lending company might even automatically renew the specific loan by pulling out the special fees from the checking account. This might make you be overdrawn also incur penalties through both lenders as well as your bank.

Choosing a dependable online cash advances only direct lenders organization can take a bit of time in order to look through the web pages. “How can I obtain a cash advance in the far better leader? ” Cross-shopping is the way to accomplish it. You will be better off over time to take the time to find a better bank in advance.

Increases usually are sought after by many individuals and as soon since they receive their pay out check the lenders believe the dues. There is although a chance provided for you by these loan providers and you can pay in installments too in each pay day till the money is entirely paid off. This can rely on your investment company and its policy. Hence, it is very vital to consider the repayment prepare so that you can be comfortable inside it.